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  • Gaby

A New Wardrobe Every Month for only $89.00 | NUULY

Have you heard the news ?! Renting your wardrobe is now THE THING to do. When I first came across Nuuly through one of my insta friends (Yes that is a thing )I was very intrigued. It wasn’t my first time seeing a clothing rental company and to be honest I was never into the idea of wearing other people’s clothes ya know ? BUT something about this was different. I saw the brands that they had and my mind immediately changed. I was all about Nuuly and 100% in. GIVE IT TO ME RN. — literately signed up for the waiting list right then and there.

So I received my first box just a few weeks ago and figured it would be a perfect time to do a review on since it’s freshly new and I believe people are still on the waitlist so for whoever is patiently waiting on their invite I’m here to share some juicy NUULY thoughts.


For the price you pay and what number of pieces that you get I think it’s a steal ! Plus you get a different wardrobe every month.


Holy moly they it got my house in 2 days I couldn’t even believe it. Idk about you guys but I honestly appreciate a good 2 day shipping and they’re not just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk. That 2 day shipping was no joke.


So here’s a good example for ya. I have to buy a dress for a wedding reception in 2 weeks and this came in so handy for this occasion because a lot of times the dresses that I buy are one time purchases and they end up collecting dust in my closet because 1) I have no where to wear them to or 2) It’s out of style or I can’t be seen in this dress twice like “OMG I already a gram picture with it”. You get the point.


Really, they have trendy and cute clothes! If you're into fashion or even into blogging this is perfect. You get to rotate your clothing every month for named brand pieces.


  1. Overall this is a great service and I absolutely love the idea behind it. The one thing I would have to point out is that if you are picky with what you wear and always have a hard time finding clothes like ME (because big boobies problems) this might not work out. I ordered 2 shirts on my first order and one of them was not as flattering as I would of like it to be so there going a shirt that I cannot wear.

  2. Another point that I should mention is that a lot of their cute shirts and vintage clothing is not available. I guess you could see that as a good thing because they have a high demand but it sucks when you are the consumer and want that really cute vintage t-shirt.

Asides from that everything about this company has caught my attention and if I had a budget for $89 to spend every month at the moment, I would100% would still be subscribed.

Until Next Time Friends