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  • Gaby

Does CBD really work ?

Have you ever tried CBD? It’s literally everywhere nowadays I can't believe it. I would be surprised if you haven’t seen an ad for it yet. They make gummies, oils, soaps, toothpastes. . .literally EVERYTHING ! To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical about it because I am not one to smoke marijuana. I have nothing against it nor do I dislike people who enjoy it but personally I just don’t like how I feel with it.

Finally one day I said “enough is enough Gaby!, you must do what others do and jump on the band wagon” JK but that’s kind of what happened. I finally agreed to work with a local brand that distributed CBD oil. They were a woman owned local business and it seemed right so I followed my gut and agreed to try their CBD oil. WHY the heck NOT.

They send me the CBD oil I open the bottle and take one droplet. First thoughts? The taste was lets just say “not pleasant at all". Maybe it didn't taste good to me because I can't say I enjoy the smell of Mary Jane.

I keep taking it for a few days and nothing happens. I didn't feel any different. I didn't have wings or superpowers yet so I thought this was pretty much useless. Weirdly though that week that I was trying out the oil I felt well rested. I didn’t think it was the CBD, I simply thought that I was doing really good with my sleeping habits LOL boy was I wrong. Since nothing really special happened I gave up on it after the first week.

A few weeks go by and now it’s just sitting on my dresser collecting dust. It's staring at me right in the face one day as I get ready for bed so I decide to give it one more chance. What have I got to lose I thought. This time though I take 2 droplets ( 2x 1ml) instead of one. I let it sit on my tongue for a few minutes and chase it down with a sip of water. A few minutes go bye and gosh did I get the full effect this time around! I felt SO relaxed. I was all kinds of rejuvenated the next day. I couldn't remember the last time I woke up feeling that well rested so I had to jump on here and share it with the world. Just to make sure that it was the CBD that was making me feel well rested I try it again the next day (2 ml) and sure enough I wake up feeling like a million bucks.


  • Great sleep. I wake up feeling like I slept for 8+ hours. I don’t feel groggy like I do with melatonin.

  • My mind calms down and so does my anxiety. Thoughts race through my head at night and this helped me to slow down. Not ignore my thoughts but to be present with them and be ok with them.


So does it really work? Here’s the thing, I think that people have different uses for it and because we are all different in every way, our bodies react differently to it. Personally, I was trying it out for sleep and anxiety and I think it actually does work for me. I was very skeptical at first and believed nothing of it. That it was just a hype but after my second time trying it out I fully believe it works for me. I can't say it will work forever because as human beings we build a tolerance for things and I'm sure that my body will eventually do so with CBD. So if you're thinking about CBD I suggest that you give it a chance before you completely give up on it. Like I said everyone is difference and it might just take those few extra days or weeks for your body to adjust and take it all in. Have you tried it ? Let me know !

Till Next Time