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  • Gaby


Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Thanks Wix. . .is this title "catchy" enough for a first blog post ? I hope so because I have nothing else. Here's the thing, I've been sitting on this website for more than 7 months already. I opened my laptop screen after hearing some motivational talk on youtube probably once a month and closed it right back down because once again I had nothing. Zero. Zippo. NADA. But enough is enough. After almost 9 months I figured why not, if not now then when? I will never have the perfect picture for my first blog post. I wont ever have the best first post that will make my page go viral so why wait. -- Side note I'm not here for the fame. I'm just here to share with you all internet strangers my struggles, victories and real life things. Real life things that a normal 27 year old female living in New Jersey (soon to be a New Yorker) goes through.

I love being me but ya know what? Sometimes life is a struggle man! I know there are many other woman out there living what I'm living. So why not go through this together ? I am yes another Yogi and yes I love self care and yes I have a theme to my instagram posts and YES I used to also struggle with weight loss issues but it's a work in progress and I'm here to share it all and show you guys how I've changed my mind body and soul. What has helped me and what has not. So lets do this. Oh and by the way I'm moving next month so expect some really obnoxious lifestyle room decor blog posts soon.

And this is how you start a blog. You JUST DO IT.


-Another Lifestyle blogger on the internet