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  • Gaby

How To Get Over a BAD Day

Updated: Jan 24

Seriously though. Is there a magic button for this ? And how much does it cost because I am willing to invest all of the $50 whooping dollars that’s in my bank account right now. Wouldn’t life just be so much easier if that were the case ? Someone invent it and let me know. Please and thank you. Let’s face it. A bad day is a bad day. It’s like a never ending hole. Bad things just happen one after another like a domino effect. It kind of reminds me of a hurricane to be honest ( don’t ask why ). Me in the middle and life “The hurricane” just happening around me. You're welcome for the great analogy. I’m not great at describing things but I hope you get the point. Let’s face it we can’t change how things happen and why they happen but we can change how we react to them and that’s all that matters. As I’m sitting on this train ride home I realized a couple of things that are making my day a little bit better after a long horrible day. So here they are . . .


I know this seems obvious and it’s been said millions and millions of times by doctors, magazines, psychologists you name it but it's the complete TRUTH. Get your booty to the gym, yoga studio, run a mile and workout. Do some type of physical activity that YOU LIKE. Push those thoughts and feelings aside for just that workout and be in the moment. I promise you that that bad day will be a little less bad because of it.

Eat Some Chocolate

Yes I said chocolate. Get some yummy dark chocolate in your system. The higher percentage of raw cacao the better. Raw cacao has been said to help with depression, anxiety and mood swings. Also aside from the awesome benefits it is a great source for antioxidants and calcium. A win win in my book, healthy & nutritious ! :)

Get some Alone Time

Go for a walk, write down your thoughts, be with yourself and no one else for a few hours. This way you have time to process your feelings without anyone else having an opinion about it. Yes talking about your problems is great but sometimes we don't realize how much our close ones have a huge impact on the way we think. These are your thoughts and feelings and you have the complete right to feel the way you feel. Besides, having some alone time will give you time to process your feelings and maybe get to the root cause of this bad mood.

Acknowledge your thoughts

It's ok to feel the way you feel. It's ok to feel annoyed by Martha who loves to put those papers on your desk Monday morning, for the barista who clearly knows who you are but spells your name wrong every-time, for the subway not having air conditioning on the hottest day of the summer. IT IS OK. One thing I learn this past year while doing my yoga teacher training is that these feelings are ok to have. They are there for a reason and it's ok to acknowledge them and feel the way we feel. We are humans. Acknowledge your feelings and thoughts that you may have had that bad day and let your self FEEL.

Let it go

Finally, just let that ish go girl! Acknowledge these feelings, find the root cause, process it and LET IT GO. Don't replay it your head over and over again because you know what ? We cannot change things. If we could, we would honestly be in so much trouble. Anyways, my best advise is to just let these feelings go. Once you do, your mind will be free as a bird and always remember that it's only a bad day, not a bad LIFE.

Until Next Time Friends