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  • Gaby

Never Leave Your NYC Apartment Without These In Your Backpack

In freaking love with this backpack. It goes with me everywhere !

Do you ever see people walking in NYC with suits on, heels on . . a nice tie and you're like oh they look so profesh but then they have a backpack up on and the whole look just went opposite direction ?! SMH yeah me too. Well at one in my life, can't remember when I let "comfort" over "cute" win. Honestly it might of been that point of my life when I started trading long bar nights for comfy movie nights ya know? You get the point. If you don't have a backpack in NYC you are just doing the whole commuting thing wrong. A tote ? What. are. totes.

I always told myself that I would never be one of those people with cute outfits and a backpack but hey here I am 4 years later, working in the city and sharing the amazing essentials that you will find in my backpack.

Also the backpack that I use is this one right here. It was an investment and a lifesaver !

  1. A Charger - Yes this is obvious but I can't tell you how many times I've been misguided by the 20% on my phone and thought that I could last all night long. Link for --> Charger.

  2. Single Wet Ones - Have changed my life. Period. If you live here, you see the things I see and let's just say they are not pretty. In the subway and out of the subway. I have become a proud germaphobe. Link for --> Wet Ones

  3. Sephora Makeup Remover - These travel sized ones from Sephora are my absolute favorite because they are so compact and actually take your make up off. Use them before the gym or the day after when you wake up at your friends apartment -- trying to figure out what the hell happened last night. Just have these in your bag wherever you end the night because girl we don't want no wrinkles. Also they are only $3 freaking bucks. Can we get an AMEN. Link for --> Sephora Makeup Remover

  4. A Mini Journal - Journaling has always been a part of my life except I was digital up until last year. I like to write down ideas that come to mind when I'm walking, people watching or just sitting on the train. It's nice to have a little space to share your thoughts besides inside your head. This one was 3 dollars from a local store but you can find a similar here.

  5. Protein Bar - Power Crunch has been my favorite protein bar the last few months after I found them at Trader Joes. Goodness, they are delicious and come in so handy when you are running around the city. If you've been to New York you know that eating here is pretty much a whole wooping $20 dollars ( food + water or juice - alcohol ). Being prepared with food has been a life changer too, not just because you save a lot but it has helped with eating less junk. Link for --> Protein Bar